Welcome to Bijou. If you are looking to work with a professional, highly experienced Headhunter who will take the time to listen to your precise requirements, you’re in the right place. If you have ever been disappointed by “traditional” recruitment practices, Bijou can offer you refreshing, yet proven, and truly collaborative, bespoke solutions guaranteed to find the very best talent for your business.

Whatever your sector, Bijou’s unique approach and attention to detail will ensure you find the perfect candidate for each role.

How do I do this? Two things set me apart:

  • I take the time to understand your company, much more than just the role you are looking to fill. It’s vital to get a feel for your company culture and values so I can present the opportunity and your business in the best, most accurate light to potential candidates.
  • Equipped with all this information, I carry out an extensive search to identify candidates who not only have the requisite skills and experience but also, and most crucially, are the right cultural fit for your brand. I will never present a candidate to you that I have not met either in person, or virtually.

As with any profession, the devil is in the detail. At Bijou, I take time to understand the specific criteria of each role, and I analyse the specific qualities of each candidate along with their values and aspirations.

Some people might tell you recruitment is a ‘numbers game’; I disagree. It’s certainly not a game, in fact it’s a science. A science combining psychology, chemistry and a dash of sociology.

This scientific approach is supplemented by my own creative and imaginative perspective and, from years of experience, trusting my gut instinct.


Do you ever stop, look back and think ‘How did I get here?’ I had my lightbulb moment in the summer of 2014 whilst in a job that simply didn’t suit me, a job which therefore made me very unhappy. I decided to be bold and to follow my instincts, to be true to myself. I resigned and, that very day Bijou was born. It was without doubt the best decision of my professional life.

I wanted to run a business with the highest professional standards, I wanted to do things my way and to revel in the details of each role. I wanted to ensure that everyone who passed through Bijou’s virtual doors had an excellent experience. Those values will always be the beating heart of Bijou.

When you work with me, I want you to feel as you would in an independent coffee shop: the service is far better, the staff are friendlier and the coffee is tastier. You will go back to the shop and you will recommend it to friends, family and colleagues.


I’m lucky that I love what I do. I enjoy working for myself often from home, overlooking the wooded chine leading to the beach. I thrive on the challenge that each role presents, I love the travelling to meet new clients and candidates. What I enjoy most about Bijou is the moment the puzzle is solved, the moment I can tell a candidate that they have landed a new job, their best job. The fact that many are still with the same businesses, is testament to the bespoke Bijou approach of professionalism, collaboration and most of all, authenticity.


Armed with my ubiquitous notebook containing all the requirements of the Brief: skills, experience , company values and culture, I will screen, meet and interview prospective candidates. My interview style is open and engaging, maybe even quirky, sometimes even downright nosy! It is, however, precisely this granular detail that sets Bijou apart and creates the Bijou Difference.

I treat all my candidates rightfully as the valuable individuals they are; I get to know them and understand them, to ensure that, beyond skills and experience, there is a match of their values to your business culture. I challenge the norm and never settle for average.

There is no ‘keyword searching’ here to blind match anonymous CVs to a role. What I do is precise, methodical, purposeful and thorough so that every candidate on the shortlist I present could be a great fit.

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Amanda’s approach to recruitment is second to none. It is about finding the right person and fit for the organization for Amanda and that means she invests time in getting to know the organisation and the role. She always asks such pertinent questions, is highly perceptive and is able to make a clear judgement of attributes. I have used Amanda’s services for over 3 years now and each time she hits the nail on the head. I would highly recommend her recruitment services.

HR Manager, Global Charity

I often receive calls and emails from recruiters working for big or small agencies. They are often similar. They rarely try to get to know you and make sure to get you a job that’ll fit your personality or your aspirations. So I thought that recruiters were ALL the same. That was until I met and worked with Amanda. Amanda is a caring, hard-working professional. She will tell you things as they are and she was (in my case) always right! She gets to know you as a candidate and makes sure the job and company is fit for you, as well as you’ll fit the job. She is one of a kind and I will happily work with Amanda. Thank you Amanda, it was such a pleasure to work with you.

Marketing Brand Manager, UK Charity

I recommend Amanda highly, her approach was very professional and she gave honest feedback to my CV/ interview style to enhance my chances to gain the role that I applied for. Feedback on my interview was quick and the whole process resulted in taking on a new job role that was completed with no long delays. Thanks again.

Facilities Manager, Global Music Company

Amanda found me my perfect role! She understood exactly the kind of organisation and position that I was looking for, and managed my recruitment perfectly. Bijou Recruitment offered professional and personal service throughout my transition. I would highly recommend Amanda.

Head of Retail UK, Global Beauty Brand

Having deployed Amanda’s recruitment services on many occasions, it is clear that she goes to great lengths to understand both the culture of the business together with the specific brief. Of the industry professionals I have worked with, Amanda stands out. She makes a huge effort in meticulously screening possible candidates before submitting her short lists. This saves time and energy and ensures that the most suitable individuals are identified in the most efficient time-saving manner. Highly recommended!

Commercial Director, Global Design Brand

Meeting Amanda for the first time, I knew she understood the importance of company cultural fit and the skills / knowledge we were looking for. Amanda found us x3 candidates over a 3-month period. With a mandate to build a high performing customer service team for our B2B and B2C business, Amanda is my first port of call.

Head of Customer Service, Online Retail Business

I have worked on various roles with Amanda for the past 12 years. I have always found her to be conscientious, hard working and honest, no matter what roles I have given her. The time she takes to understand our requirements is reflected in the quality shortlist she provides. She has supplied some outstanding candidates, and I would not hesitate to recommend her.

Head of HR, Global Fashion Brand


Getting in contact couldn’t be easier –  email direct to amanda@bijourecruitment.com or contact me on +44 (0)7941 319 420.