Scrolling through my social feeds early this morning, the posts appeared to fall into 2 categories. Category #1 : ways to make working from home effective. Category #2: creative, entrepreneurial and often charitable ways to ‘profit’ from the impact of Covid-19 on our lives and businesses.

Category 1 is of little import as I’ve worked successfully and happily from home for over 7 years. I have a home office and all the tech required to run my recruitment business. But Category 2? Well that got me thinking…

For the most part, I have worked with businesses in the retail sector: fashion, design, lifestyle brands with staff employed at their
HQ as well as in stores throughout the UK.

But, whilst the UK business landscape is changing, so is mine. In addition to grave concern about sustaining my recruitment experience in the retail sector, I have moved out of London to the South Coast where this particular sector is almost non-existent.

Which brings me back to Category 2: what Bijou is all about is service, more than anything. Secondly, it’s about collaboration. My years of commercial experience mean that together, we can create a bespoke, professional and highly effective recruitment solution, whatever sector your business is in. Recruitment is more about the people than it is the CV’s; it’s all about the matching of the right client to the right candidate.

We are experiencing tough times but if you are looking to hire, or if you are looking to switch jobs, get in touch for a chat and a virtual coffee. I can help you find a creative solution and you can discover #thebijoudifference.

Let’s keep talking and working together. Let’s be supportive of all businesses.