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Days Like These

This morning, I was part of a group of business owners discussing all things work-related, but with the emphasis on support and advice. We each aired a ‘how do I’ challenge we are facing; it was then dissected and examined and solutions provided in a non-judgemental and wholly supportive manner. [...]

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All change…

Scrolling through my social feeds early this morning, the posts appeared to fall into 2 categories. Category #1 : ways to make working from home effective. Category #2: creative, entrepreneurial and often charitable ways to ‘profit’ from the impact of Covid-19 on our lives and businesses. Category 1 is [...]

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Are you a good listener?

Are you a good listener? Do you hear what’s being said or like many of us, do you switch off and make up what you think you heard? . As a recruiter, I believe listening skills are the most crucial tool in our kit. How can we understand a client’s [...]

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CV Hints & Tips

  Putting your CV together? Check out my hints & tips…. CV’s and resumes - they’re a minefield, aren’t they? Ask the opinion of 10 people and you’ll get 10 different answers. Picture or no picture? Marital status? Word or PDF?  And since some of you reading this will be [...]

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Flying Solo – Fearless, not Foolhardy

I grew up in a noisy and full-on household.  The eldest of 5 children, all struggling to be heard, literally and figuratively, I was always surrounded by people and rarely experienced a moment of peace and quiet or some ‘me-time’. I lived with fellow students at Uni; I did flat [...]

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Top Service Sector tips for the Class of 2018

Home for the long summer break, thousands of students are looking for work to supplement their often-crippling student debt.  Unable to find and in most cases inexperienced for a traditional office job, they are more likely to find work in the hospitality sector: hotels, pubs, restaurants.  This sector is popular [...]

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