Welcome to Bijou.  If you want to work with a professional, highly experienced Headhunter who will take the time to listen to your precise requirements, you’re in the right place.  If you have ever been disappointed by “traditional” recruitment practices, Bijou can offer you refreshing, yet proven, and truly collaborative, bespoke solutions guaranteed to find the very best talent for your business.

Whatever your sector, Bijou’s unique approach and attention to detail will ensure you find the perfect candidate for each role.

How do I do this? Two things set me apart:

  • I take the time to understand your company, much more than just the role you are looking to fill. It’s vital to get a feel for your company culture and values so I can present the opportunity and your business in the best, most accurate light to potential candidates.
  • Equipped with the all this information, I carry out an extensive search to identify candidates who not only have the requisite skills and experience but also, and most crucially, are the right cultural fit for your brand. I will never present a candidate to you that I have not met either in person, or virtually

As with any profession, the devil is in the detail.  At Bijou, I take time to understand the specific criteria  of each role, and I analyse the specific qualities of each candidate along with their values and aspirations.

Some people might tell you recruitment is a ‘numbers game’; I disagree. It’s certainly not a game, in fact it’s a science. A science combining psychology, chemistry and a dash of sociology.

This scientific approach is supplemented by my own creative and imaginative perspective and, from years of experience, trusting my gut instinct.