This morning, I was part of a group of business owners discussing all things work-related, but with the emphasis on support and advice. We each aired a ‘how do I’ challenge we are facing; it was then dissected and examined and solutions provided in a non-judgemental and wholly supportive manner.

There are loads of challenges we are all facing right now, be they professional, emotional, practical. What I got from this morning was the need to be open about discussing these challenges or issues and more importantly, to be open about receiving help. As someone who works alone, I often feel isolated in my decision making and I’d forgotten how good it feels to share what’s going on and receive positive feedback. I would even go so far as to describe the experience as cathartic.

I took myself off for a contemplative walk afterwards and whilst the world is going crazy around us all, I feel lucky for the calming effect of the sea and to have been able to share my concerns with a really cool group of people, as well as have some ideas on how to move forward. For me, days like these are worth bottling.