Late last summer, a post appeared on my LinkedIn timeline via a mutual connection.

Describing her frustration with recruiters, being told she was over qualified and with finding a job when of ‘a certain age’, the poster eloquently and amusingly detailed her experiences.

I read it with great interest, saw it as something of a red rag to this (Bijou) bull and contacted her in my one-woman fight to disprove the myth that us Recruiters are not ‘all the same’.

After she received my Inmail message, she called me for an initial and I believe somewhat tentative chat.

However, being women ‘of a certain’ age and working mums too, we hit it off and had an interesting conversation discussing the job market in general terms.

Now, almost 6 months later, that very LinkedIn vent has earned her a super, well paid and responsible job with one of her previous employers.

After our phone call, we met and went through her CV. We talked about what she needed and wanted to feel validated in the workplace; we discussed salary expectation and job location; we thought about the type of role that would suit her skills and more importantly, the type of company where she could add value. We discussed networking with current and previous contacts and we looked together at advertised job roles and how to successfully apply online – ‘don’t’ was my simple advice.

We met a handful of times and on each occasion, she became more positive, upbeat and confident. I happened to be recruiting a role at the time for which, in my opinion, she was very suitable and submitted her details. She had her first interview in several years and whilst nervous, performed very well.

There are a few morals to this tale:

1) Work with an independent recruiter who you trust, like and, most importantly, will take the time to get to know you and provide invaluable support throughout the process
2) Time out of the workplace should not be a barrier to finding the right employer
3) Don’t underestimate the value of a chat and a coffee in Pret a Manger
4) Pay attention to posts on your Timeline…..

The Bijou Difference works equally well for candidates and clients alike, keeping humanity and sensitivity at the forefront of business relationships.